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  I-Tag® "Automated Electronic ID with Guarantee"

Encoded with the same number as printed on the outside
Made from the high quality durable TPU the I-Tag is an ISO Standard 1178/11785 FDX-B 134.2Khz Electronic eartag.ICAR Approved and tested to PAS 44/2002 BSI.
Each I-Tag has high retention and long read range.

Read Range up to 2m - Anti Collision
Available in both Tamperproof and Re-usable versions. Large 30mm Dia in Supertag version for cattle and 28 mm Dia in Suretag version for sheep, goats and pigs.

What´s inside?
An electronic transponder comprising of a chip and coil specifically tuned to 134.2Khz in ISO standard can be encoded with the animal and farm number as printed in visual form on the outside of the eartag.
As an animal walks through a portal or gateway reader the number is read and recorded electronically. No need for additional labour and no costly errors saving time and money.


NEW I-Tag 25 mm
Lamb & Piglet
NEW I-Tag 30 mm Sheep, Goat & Sow
I-Tag 30 mm for Cattles

Nieuwe Dogst, 15. December 2007
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