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Company Strategy / Policy

Dalton products combine modern technology with basic common sense.
Before any Dalton product is released onto the market an extensive development programme has been concluded, which can take several years! Users and professionals are consulted to discover their particular demands of the system in question and laboratory and field tests carried out.

Dalton customers agree that the professional modern structure of Dalton´s combined with “good old-fashioned” person-to-person service is not equalled anywhere else in the identification industry.

Daltons have been working on a range of products which combine modern technology with basic common sense. This has culminated in the formation of new Dalton Group Companies such as Dalton E.I.D. Systems Ltd.

Dalton Continental BV, Nijverheidsstraat 16, Lichtenvoorde, 7131 PA Nederlands
Registration No. NL 08028668

Mission Statement

• To bring innovation to our market at all times and remain the No.1 Tag designer and manufacturer since 1947.
• To maintain and develop our position as the first choice for Animal Identification Systems worldwide.
• To place ethics above profit and develop lasting partnerships with our customers and distributors.

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